…well, this is obviously not my actual name but my gaming nick for Marvel Contest of Champions – an extremely addictive (!) mobile fighting game with a mighty online multiplayer mode. This game got me back into live streaming, an interest I missed following for years. I remembered that justin.tv became twitch.tv so I opened an account to setup my channel, soon realizing that streaming from an iPad may not be as easy as a PS4 or XBOX allows it.

There are several online guides on how to stream from an iPad to Twitch – but relying on a ten y/o MacBook Pro running OSX 10.6.8 just won’t do, as well as updating to the latest supported OS was never an option.

So I had to find a workaround. Since I cannot afford new hardware, I went out asking friends for dead PCs and got two towers filled with parts. Together with some parts I kept safe for the hunger games I was able to get a running engine after estimated >9000 sytem restarts.


BLADE_VII comes to life

After repairing two of three hard disks I was able to run a 64-bit Win 7 installation on an Intel Core2 Quad CPU at 2.4GHz (OC 3.0GHz) with 4 GB DDR2 RAM and a ATI Radeon HD 3600 GPU altogether on a Gigabyte EP45-DS3L, as well as an OSX 10.5 installation on a second hard disk – just for the sports of it.

The final step was to install X-Mirage which I bought to try mirroring the iPad on my MacbookPro, and OBS Studio to stream to Twitch. The first tests were devastating. Playing around with the OBS settings wouldn’t do the job, my CPU usage was to high – steadily dropping frames and audio running out of sync. After two days of frustrating searches for a solution I ended up surrendering to my technical limitations.

Stubborn as I am I had to give it another try a weekend later. When setting up the PC I was using a bluetooth mouse which I lend from my neighbour. I never was a friend of bluetooth mice or keyboards, so in need of a cable mouse I was granted a wish for one :) And voila, it worked on the first try. A healthy HD quality stream at 3300 bit with 30fps, no dropped frames and audio in sync. At this point I still wasn’t aware of what went right, I was just happy with a running system…

It was until I implemented the PC tower into my home studio environment and the mouse cable was to short to reach the tower which made me use the lend bluetooth mouse again. What was to be a temporarily workaround until I get my hands on an USB extension crashed my stream again. A quick google search confirmed – bluetoof is a b***h when it comes to streaming from an iPad to wherever. A quick overhaul of the studio environment gave me back my cable mouse and my streaming capability.



All set I am now ready to stream my gameplay to Twitch. The broadcasting workstation I built still might have its limitations, but I enjoy playing music during my streams and talking to viewers on the chat. If you like what I do you may want to support me in my attempt to build SPAWN_X – a new state of the art workstation running Windows, Linux and OSX. Hitting my donation goal means that I will give away another SPAWN_X Basic Build to a lucky donor by random draw counting each donation. You can find more info about the contest here.